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Bill & Eugenia

Planning a wedding party the way a couple has imagined, it is not an easy task for sure. In this process, I am trying to visualize my plans in terms of the expectations and the possible reactions of the couple and their guests. Bill and Eugenia’s wedding party way exceeded all my wildest assumptions! The couple, as well as their friends, were what we call “Party Animals”. Akti Mermigi is a beautiful, seaside venue that hosted the couple’s wedding reception. The exceptional professional John Kostellos and Feel your Films were responsible for keeping these moments alive The highlight of the evening was when the talented Dj and best man of the happy couple, Constantinos Vassiliadis aka Vasscon, took charge of the decks and made us all dance like crazy!

Fotis & Mirto

What I think is of major importance for the success of a wedding party is definitely a good relationship between the Dj and the couple. That’s why I always try to get to know them as well as I can before the big day. I am convinced that this is what actually makes the difference! With Fotis and Myrto this amazing connection was a reality right from the beginning. We met several times and we talked on the phone a lot more ( for various issues). On their wedding day, the joy I could see on their faces was something else! The wedding, as well as the wedding reception, took place in Sykion Coast in Xylokastro Korinthias. The gardens of the hotel could be well compared to a neoclassical mansion in Sicily. The party was at the Beach Bar right next to the beach. Visual Poetry wedding films & Christos Mavraganis made a wonderful video with the aim of reminding us what a wonderful time we had that day. The highlight of the wedding party was when Fotis got the microphone and sang for all of his guests! He was out of this world, a real entertainer!

Fotis & Mirto

Konstantinos & Vivian

Konstantinos & Vivi match perfectly together! It’s a happy and social couple. Our friendship holds before their wedding. We organized the party together, step by step, with great zest and fun. Going through this whole process of preparation, I was sure that the “Big day” would be exceptional! And I was right!

The party took place under the September’s full moon, at KALAMAKI BEACH RESORT an idyllic seaside resort with a beautiful garden, under a large old pine tree.

Christos Mavraganis and the Visual Poetry wedding films were there and captured every unique moment.

Thanks to them, I will vividly remember this amazing wedding, never forgetting how much we danced that night !!!

George & Vasiliki

George and Vassiliki are an incredible couple, both romantic and good dancers. They danced all night, from the moment they entered until 8:00’ in the morning. The event was held at the external area of a winery, called “Cavino Winery” in Aigio, which was specifically transformed for that day. John Tsanis stayed until the end and recorded with his camera every moment. If 38 seconds are not enough, you can see the whole story here.

Ed & Anna

Τhis year’s birthday was really special. Even thought I was away from my family, I had a great time at Ed & Anna’s wedding party. The party was held in Mouria, in Epidaurus, in a very idyllic place next to the sea, literally on the waves. We danced from Greek folk music to R ‘n’ B and electronic music. The truth is that this wedding had a few difficulties (weather conditions), but we managed to overcome them all thanks to everyone’s good mood that made the party last till dawn.

PS1: Many thanks to Nefeli who brought me in touch with this wonderful couple and who was the “star” of the dance floor!

PS2: I loved the fairy lights and the total decoration of Details Events!

Ed & Anna

George & Beatrix

George & Bea’s wedding was the event that I have been waiting for an entire year with great impatience. The couple had met me in a friend’s wedding, so when the time came I received their message. The party took place in an excellent seaside location, the Anonymous Club in Aigio, where the “Shabbi Chic” decoration and the full moon of August really made it unique. Here’s the story of that day, through the DJ’s eyes!


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